Monday, November 29, 2010

Still going strong!

Holy cannoli!  It's tough to keep a daily blog!  I can assure you that the Experiment is still on, and I've stayed true to the 80-90% raw deal.  More recipes, musings and pictures to come soon!  In the meantime, check out these other blogs that I discovered: (just for you, Lily!)

Oh, and today I tried the Fiery Carrot-Avocado soup... for breakfast!  My lunch for work: the Banana Carob Smoothie x 2 portions.  Combined with some nuts for snacking and a couple of home made cookies by my neighbour, that's all I had today.  It's now 10:30pm and still not hungry!

Carrot & Avocado soup.  I couldn't resist adding some crunch to it!

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  1. No kidding it's hard to update everyday, eh? I thought, "ooooh I'm gonna start a blog and write everyday and get millions of followers and make a contribution to the world! It won't be hard, just 5-10 min every day!"
    And then suddenly, I can't find 5-10 min to do it, even though I goof off for about 60% of any given day....what is up with that?

    also, am going to try this soup. soooo tasty looking