Saturday, December 4, 2010


What a great day - crisp, sunny, and full of opportunities!  Today was a day of community (come-unity... get it?  Well, I tried): I greeted the day with other dog owners at the nearby park, having a great time running around with my little poochie.  After a quick breakfast of granola (Terra Breads this time.... yum!  I swear I'll give my own a go soooon) and an apple I jumped onto my trusty steed for a fresh bike ride up to Little Neighborhood House.  I hadn't been on a bike in aaaaaaages and it was SPECTACULAR!  love love love LOVE my bike!  At Little Neighborhood House I joined about 16 other people to discuss Community Building/Food Sharing ideas.  What a great hour and half it was, full of energy and ideas and PASSION!  I left feeling so stoked about life.  I meandered down Main Street and discovered Devil May Wear where I spent more absolutely inspiring moments with owner Stephanie aka Spiffy Ostler.  What a spitfire!  Love her, love her store, and am surely going to love the upcoming knitting group next Tuesday.  

Devil May Wear at Main and 21st
Fast track to a fast ride home to pick up poochie and meet with Lauren for some craft fair browsing at Toque Book & Craft Fair.  Again - more community... such inspiring people!  Man I love artists!  I picked up a gorgeous book called Mr. M The Exploring Dreamer, who "is a traveler in both mind and space, pursuing the sometimes conflicting pleasures of exploration and the wish to put down roots".  Hello, Miss M right here!  It's an absolutely, incredibly stunning book (by a Vancouverite by way of France).  Check it out if you have a chance, you won't regret it.

I left Lauren at 5pm with a rumble in my tummy and a hankering for sushi, or something warm, or both.  When I arrived home I threw together a quick and bowl of almonds, cashews, blueberries, carob, and raw honey to satiate the grumbles while I figured out what to make or where to go for dinner.  I'd picked up a Sushi Yama Take Out menu on the way home, but upon opening my fridge I decided I better use up that wilting bunch of spinach ASAP.  Here's a doozie I discovered on Raw on $10 a day:

by Suezee
serves 2 ~ $1.69 per serving

3-4 cups fresh baby spinach ($.90)
2 cloves garlic
1 teaspoon onion powder
1 medium avocado ($1.49)
1 cup warm water
1 golden apple, cored and chopped ($.59)
1 cup cashew milk (almond milk is also fine) ($.40)
1 teaspoon lime juice
salt & freshly cracked pepper to taste

This has just a hint of sweetness from the apple. 
Using a high speed blender, combine all ingredients, adding the spinach a little at a time. Serve in a warmed bowl.

Oh. Mi. Gosh.  Delicious!  Absolutely and completely delicious!!  This is definitely my new go-to soup when I want something warm and filling and smashingly tasty!  Just as the recipe says, the hint of sweetness from the apple really adds that special something, and the sprinkling of salt brings out that sweetness magnificently.  And what a great way to get a whole lotta spinach into you!  I accented this with a few chili pepper flakes and my standard soup topping of cashew bits, but man, it's just awesome all on it's own.  I've still got half of it in the fridge... and I desperately would love to finish it off because it tastes THAT GOOD but I'm full!  Maybe for breakfast tomorrow...  Or a midnight snack...

This heavenly mix...
... transformed into this culinary delight!

So that's pretty much all I ate today, but here's a shot of yesterday's lunch: a little 'wrap' I made up on the fly.

It was super easy and quick: a romaine lettuce leaf, some avocado, onion, tomatoe, mushrooms (a few remaining ones from the raw-some Portobello Burger).  Et voila!  I had two and they were light and fresh and fantastic.

And now, it's off to do a little reading before catching a violin performance at East is East...

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