Friday, December 24, 2010


Wow.  This is embarrassing.  Twenty days since my last post?  Well... No. No, I don't have anything to say for myself (except the Experiment continues!).  But hey, check out these pics from a raw-food potluck party I attended!

I'll start with the dessert, because really it's the most important food group.  

Yum.  Like Apple Pie yum.

Mmm raw vegan sushi (minus the rice + fish)

Raw Vegan Curried Cabbage Salad.  This picture does NOT do it justice.  Cabbage is a tricky subject.

Soup's on!  i heart mushrooms in miso.

Dessert break!

Fruit salad

Hm I don't remember what this was, but it had a super awesome caramel like sauce!

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