Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy New Year!

Alright, new rule: one post every 3 weeks!  I have still been eating 80-90% raw, but I gotta say it's tough living across the hall from a very talented baker, who also makes the most amazing pizza.  Nevertheless, the Experiment continues!

Strawberry, orange, spinach + onion salad
So, I'm almost two months into this, and I gotta say I can't really imagine going back to an 80-90% cooked diet.  I'm feelin' light and grounded at the same time, and even just a month into this a co-worker asked if I'd lost some weight.  I don't know if I have, and that wasn't my goal, but hey, it's a nice bonus after all that bread during my time in Europe.

Breakfast: apples, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, raisins + almond milk.  Let this sit for a few minutes before enjoying.
I've started trying to educated myself more about the nutritional side of this diet, and I picked up 'The Thrive Diet' ($5 used, via craigslist, oh yeah baby) by fellow Vancouverite and super duper athlete Brendan Brazier.  Yes, I know this isn't a raw diet book per se, but a good lot of his recipes are raw, and he serves up lots of information on vegan diets.

My fall-back dinner: zucchetti!  Zucchini noodles, this time in a sesame sauce.
Also, thanks to Groupon, I've re-ignited my yoga practice at Semperviva yoga.  You can't beat Gloria's Kundalini classes for a great workout!

Soup's on!

Anyway, enough chit chat; hopefully the next post will come sooner rather than later!

Avocado + onion cucumber boats!
This is a pretty simple recipe and a nice little appetizer:


Peel the outer layer from cucumber
Hollow out the cucumber flesh to make a 'boat'
Mix this up with some avocado and onion
You can also throw in some lemon juice + salt
Then fill your boat up with the mixture and chow down!